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A lot of people make the mistake of dismissing Social Media job applications because they work in a hands-on field, or just aren’t comfortable in a digital setting.  But, with Social Media becoming a key way to keep people connected, especially after the pandemic, learning the tricks of how to stand out in a Social Media job application is going to be a very important skill set going forward.

The first thing to remember with any Social Media application is that you are immediately on display to the people you’re applying with.

Your privacy settings don’t change, recruiters don’t suddenly have access to those posts you’re not making visible to everyone, but they can see what details you have made public – like where you work, the area you live in, where you studied and family relationships – and your Profile Picture is attached to your application – so make it good one.

Social Media application processes are pretty streamlined, there’s only a few questions and the option to attach a CV, so to make an impression you need to answer those questions succinctly and make sure that CV stands out.

That means don’t use the application as a way to vent, and don’t get political or opinionated – these may help you feel better about things but they don’t sell yourself to a recruiter and don’t show why you’re the best person for the job you’re looking at.

Where possible, also make sure you’ve got a CV uploaded that you create – this way you control what career highlights employers and recruiters need to see to know you’re the right fit for the job.  Most social media applications don’t have a spot for a Cover Letter so attach one to your CV to be sure you’re making the best impression possible.

Like any job application, the aim is to stand out, make a great impression and show recruiters what makes you special – the addition of social media job applications just means, as an applicant, being more aware of how you present yourself in that space.



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