About Us

Trade &

We have over 25 years’ industry experience in the supply of Skilled Trades and Technical staff, so when your business needs skilled people to get results, we’re here.

We can deliver to a wide range of projects in the Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing sectors, whether that is to supply the Project Labour for your project or to place Trade or Technical staff for a short or long term and permanent positions.

Working with TechTrade

From the way we attract and retain qualified people to finding solutions for businesses, our knowledge of the industries we support means we can place the best person for the job. Our focus is on building lasting relationships with our team and businesses.


The way we do business is the real value we bring to our clients and ourselves and these revolve around: Respect, Integrity and Fun.


We act with the highest level of respect & dignity in dealing with our clients, staff and each other.


Always being open with our clients & each other and addressing the big issues first and communicating them.


We take our work seriously, but we make time to enjoy the journey and the company of each other and our families.